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Livemusic.fm Revamp

LMFM Banner

Livemusic.fm Upgrade- Click Banner for Slideshow of Screens

The autumn of 2010 saw an enhancement and augmentation of the user based widgets – more Facebook integration, News Feeds, Personalised alerts etc – The Summer of 2011 saw the next release implemented. The user flows have been re-architected and generally there is a much stronger focus on selling tickets and thus wayfinding and promotional messaging to that effect.

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Live&Loud Launches … finally

LandL 2010

LiveandLoud.com launches in September 2010 - Click on Image for Slideshow

After what seemed like both a laughably truncated and mercifully short information architecture phase, followed by what seemed like a hugely extended naming and branding phase and then a quick panic-filled design and build phase … Live&Loud finally launched in early September.

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Old Skool is No Fool

Old Skool IA

Hand-drawn wireframes for the major re-architecting of LMFM - Click for full version

Sometimes it’s really refreshing to go ‘undigital’ as it were, and really get back to basics. So, since we are looking at doing a major overhaul of the livemusic.fm IA and user interface, I thought it justified getting out the old A3 flip pad, some markers and a ton of mini Post It notes.

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Cleantech solutions? Child’s play.

Semplice CleanTech Website

Semplice CleanTech Website - Click to View Fullscreen

Launched in mid-May this was a recent project for Semplice, a Cleantech based consultancy now fully owned by Centrica (British Gas). As is becoming customary on projects that I art direct, there is a susbtsantial rich media component right up front that showcases Semplices Services and their part in the cleantech ‘revolution’ and allows users to “deep-link” to areas of interest throughout the site.

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A&O Graduate wins its first award

Allen & Overy Graduate Recruitment Website - Click Image for Fullscreen

Well hopefully this will be the first of many – we’ve entered it for a Webby (after getting an Honoree status in 2007) and will prolly enter it for a BIMA later this year. The TARGET graduate awards will also be a stepping stone (again the site as nominated in 2007 but lost out to Clifford Chance). Anyway so far so good – one Graduate award in the bag, The Lawyer HR awards:

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Cineworld Homepage showing December 2008 Movies

Cineworld Homepage showing December 2008 Movies

Well it’s been up and running for a week or so now and the feedback is pretty good. I have to confess I didn’t have an awful lot to do with this project and most of my involvement was the user flow and IA of the QuickBook system which works pretty well – though it seems that my recommendation of prefixing the London Cinemas with ‘London’ tag has been ignored!

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Quintain Colourways

Quintain Estates New Colourways and Motion Graphics

Quintain Estates New Colourways and Motion Graphics

A new ‘Silver’ colourway has been produced for Quintain, and finally we have managed to get the data-rate under control to deliver the full-blown motion graphics sequence – which was always supposed to be how the site should have launched back in August!

Full credit to Motion GFX guru Simon Payne for spending the long hours producing these sequence and of course Alan Benzie & Pete Duggan for producing the eye-catching designs (with a bit of creative direction thrown in from myself!)

Quintain Website

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Gradu8 Online Recruitment Fair

Gradu8 Homepage,  Tuesday 28th October 2008

Gradu8 Homepage, Tuesday 28th October 2008

So the week went off without a hitch despite it being the first time that either side (Glass or TJ) had held one of these events. Sure there were a few teething problems with the Chat application on Monday morning – but pretty much from Monday afternoon onwards it was pretty much plain sailing!

Generally the preliminary results were pretty good – the Online Recruitment Fair had roughly 22,000 visitors, of which 4,000 registered. The conversion rate of the registered was around 13% which meant the target of 500+ applications was reached.


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