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Cineworld Homepage showing December 2008 Movies

Cineworld Homepage showing December 2008 Movies

Well it’s been up and running for a week or so now and the feedback is pretty good. I have to confess I didn’t have an awful lot to do with this project and most of my involvement was the user flow and IA of the QuickBook system which works pretty well – though it seems that my recommendation of prefixing the London Cinemas with ‘London’ tag has been ignored!

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Wayfinding & Signposting in interface design

Signposts digital image header for (after Rosalie Gascoigne)

digital image header for - after Rosalie Gascoigne

“You have to lead them by the hand – It’s not the number of clicks, it’s the confidence level that you’re still headed in the right direction”
Steve Krug “Don’t make Me Think – A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability”

Best-practice involves making navigation and interaction as simple and logical as possible for the user. This is neatly summarized by the concept of ‘wayfinding’ – an alternative and more natural approach to what is normally captured under the heading of “Information Architecture”.

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