Livemusic Presents… The Students Union Indie Rock Tour 2011

Livemusic Presents... The Students Union Indie Rock Tour 2011 - Click for Photos

The last 2 weeks of September and the first week in Ocotber saw the first leg of the Livemusic Presents … Students Union Tour. In the main this was an indie rock focused tour aimed at bringing new and exciting bands to
the Student population around 20 or so larger universities during the Fresher’s period. The ambitious tour was mainly advertised by flyering in the SUs themselves (and student publications such as Manchester, Birmingham & Sheffield ‘Lint’ magazine) The campaign also featured a small tactical campaign on local radio, and of course across the usual gammut of music magazine such as Q, NME, UnCut, Clash and The Fly Magazine (as well as digital advertising across a couple of their corresponding digital properties – and of course the SU Facebook Groups and Pages!).

Bands featured on the tour were the up-and-coming indie rock wünderkinds Little Comets, Sheffield psychedelia posters Hey Sholay, Californian psychedelics Little Antlers and legendary electro-anarchist Hexstatic. Baby bands (some of which have come up through the ranks of Live&Loud) filled some of the support slots as the bands toured around the following Universities:

Birmingham City & Birmingham College Universities, Bristol UWE, Cardiff University, Gloucestershire University, Leeds Met & Leeds Universities, London Met, Manchester Met, Newcastle University, Plymouth University, Sheffield Hallam & Sheffield Universities.

The wrap up gig was filmed at Kings College London SU on 30th September and featured stalwart performances from Crystal Antlers and Hey Sholay! See the video below for a montage of the performances from the SU Tour Kick Off Gig and the Rock Tour Wrap gig. (Pictures above courtesy of Richard Johnson at NME)

Full page print ad in Sheffiled-based LINT magazine for the SU Tour

Hand Flyer for the Crystal Antlers @ Plymouth SU - also featured as series of A1, A2, A3 posters around the SU

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