Cineworld Homepage showing December 2008 Movies

Cineworld Homepage showing December 2008 Movies

Well it’s been up and running for a week or so now and the feedback is pretty good. I have to confess I didn’t have an awful lot to do with this project and most of my involvement was the user flow and IA of the QuickBook system which works pretty well – though it seems that my recommendation of prefixing the London Cinemas with ‘London’ tag has been ignored!

Cineworld UK site

Still good effort all round from Glass team and particularly the attention to detail and focus that Dan Wilkinson – the youngest designer on my team and a bit of a rising star – has put into the project! Personally I never much liked that big curve at the top but that was the Cineworld branding and I guess that it is a good indication of the Creative Direction process running smoothly that I had very little involvement! I have to confess though the lion’s share of the work was done by Chris, Woody, Dan and Paul – all ably handled (as usual) by Diane!

Lead Designer: Dan Wilkinson
Flash Players: Euan@Disturb
Information Architecture: Chris Meachin & Dan Wilkinson (with some help/interference from Rick Lippiett & Paul Aquilina)
HTML/CSS: Vojta Tremcinsky
Technical Development: Can Factory
Lead Technologist @ Glass : Paul Aquilina
Project Management & Production: Diane Sequeira & Andrew Wood
Account management: Ben Hart & Andrew Wood
Creative Director: Rick Lippiett

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