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Livemusic Presents… The Students Union Urban Tour 2011

Livemusic Presents... The Students Union Urban Tour October 2011 - Click for Photos

The latter half of October saw the more Urban-focused part of the Livemusic Presents… Students Union Tour. This tour featured up-and-coming acts from the Urban-HipHop-Rap-Grime arena including Clement Marfo and the Frontline (since nominated for MTV’s New For 2012) and Stooshe (included in the BBC ‘s Sounds of 2012 listing) These exciting, energetic bands took the stage around six universities in the UK and once again played the final show at the Kings College Students Union – with a surprise guest appearance from Grime veteran Ghetts onstage … and Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the soundcheck (no less!)

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LMFM Banner Upgrade- Click Banner for Slideshow of Screens

The autumn of 2010 saw an enhancement and augmentation of the user based widgets – more Facebook integration, News Feeds, Personalised alerts etc – The Summer of 2011 saw the next release implemented. The user flows have been re-architected and generally there is a much stronger focus on selling tickets and thus wayfinding and promotional messaging to that effect.

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The Only Way is … Facebook!

LMFM on Facebook

The Welcome page on Facebook

So yes we’ve had a lot of focus on Facebook recently … from the media industry in general (when was the last time you saw a TV or poster ad with a good old-fashioned but boring simple WWW URL ?) to the specifics of suddenly feeling that the Livemusic “Like” page is a bit ‘unloved’. It wasn’t even that long ago we didn’t have a Facebook ‘Fan’ Page at all (as they were called back in the heady days of 2010!) I think you’d have be living in a cave not to notice that Zuckerberg and pals have been making a serious land-grab for large swathes of cyberspace in the last 18 months or so …

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LMFM and Live&Loud in the Music Press

Ads for the NME

A Selection of the NME & Kerrang Print Ads - Click Image for Slideshow

A selection of the music press ads for magazines such as Kerrang and NME. These were to promote both the generic brand awareness of Live&Loud and as well as promoting the live music community side to both online properties.

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Live&Loud Launches … finally

LandL 2010 launches in September 2010 - Click on Image for Slideshow

After what seemed like both a laughably truncated and mercifully short information architecture phase, followed by what seemed like a hugely extended naming and branding phase and then a quick panic-filled design and build phase … Live&Loud finally launched in early September.

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Better with Viatel

Banner for Viatel's MPLS Campaign

Creative for Viatel's MPLS Campaign - Click for Variants

An integrated print, e-shot and digital advertising campaign for Viatel’s MPLS (Multi Packet Layer Switching) Campaign – focusing on easy set up, faster speeds, better service and more for your money! The printed mailer was an innovative 4-folded piece (see below), and in partnership with the e-shots & banners, took the prospective clients and partners to a Flash-based landing site to sign up for the free offers & free partner workshops.

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Buckle up with Viatel

Banner for Viatel's Next Generation Access Campaign

Creative for Viatel's Next Generation Access Campaign

This is the recent mailer and e-shot I put together for Viatel. Viatel are one of the biggest independent ISP service providers focusing on business-to-business only connectivity and wanted to promote their Next Generation Access platform (part of BT’s 21st Century network program which is launching in early September 2009)

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A&O Graduate Redux

AO Graduate 2009

AO Graduate 2009

Well it’s with mixed feelings that I had a look at the recent re-vamp of the A&O graduate site – the fourth iteration that I have had some involvement with (if extremely limited this year.)

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