Live&Loud Launches … finally

LandL 2010 launches in September 2010 - Click on Image for Slideshow

After what seemed like both a laughably truncated and mercifully short information architecture phase, followed by what seemed like a hugely extended naming and branding phase and then a quick panic-filled design and build phase … Live&Loud finally launched in early September.

I suppose in reality we just did the usual 3 months design and build process but the reality was that we have always been thinking about Live&Loud in the back of our minds (and doing a few architecting phases and a re-naming exercise whilst delivering LMFM r6).

Below is a quick tour of everything Live&Loud aims to achieve to help bands launch themselves into the music industry marketplace and build loyal fan bases.

The launch was neatly announced at the first Live&Loud showcase gig at the Gramaphone in Shoreditch, and the band that won the Gibson Les Paul Studio played the headline slot … originally we had used the Gibson as a hook to entice over 300 bands to sign up in the acquisition phase (which of course we were doing at the same time as building the darn site!) So while the site was being designed & built we had a Tumblr-Blog-Fed holding page and a WuFoo sign up microsite … and of course the usual full complement of FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter social networking properties.

And that was just the digital side of the operation – the ‘Gig Team’ were busy finding venues, curating the bands, booking slots, buying Mics & PAs, handing out flyers, printing posters, sorting out tickets all the while. In fact the posters, backdrops and tickets of course ended up being something I needed to do as well …

Anyway here’s a video from one of the bands filmed on the night:

IAM:YOUR HERO – Winners of the Gibson Les Paul and Headliners of the Kick-Off Gig

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