LMFM and Live&Loud in the Music Press

Ads for the NME

A Selection of the NME & Kerrang Print Ads - Click Image for Slideshow

A selection of the music press ads for magazines such as Kerrang and NME. These were to promote both the generic brand awareness of Live&Loud and Livemusic.fm as well as promoting the live music community side to both online properties.

These ads ran in November and December 2010 and were either full-page or half-page ads for maximum impact. They also included a promotion for a hardcore winter special gig in Shoreditch, London … as well as a Christmas flavoured promotion to run in the double-edition over the festive period.

The photos for the NME ads were provided by Everynight Images – who specialize in pictures from music based events and who I’ve worked with on several other projects. The Kerrang ads were the usual stock image library images &/or taken from the bands themselves.

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