Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor?

Dancefloor - Feed the Rhino

NME Ads February 2011 - Click for Slideshow

Just a quick post of a couple of ads that were printed and went out in February 2011. One a continuation of the LMFM posters (this one art-worked by Pete Duggan, Copywriter Mick , Art Directed yours truly). the song title is Artic Monkeys which carries on from the Sex Pistols reference of the last ad. The second ad was to foster some writers to submit editorial to LMFM. The pun in the ad which is pretty subtle unless you are a music journo or hep-cat is that the picture is of the frontman in FOALS.

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Feed The Rhino – Wolves At the Door

Feed the Rhino - Tattooed Wolves

Be-Tattooed Wolves of the UK Hardcore Scene

Feed the Rhino headlined the Live&Loud Hardcore Winter Special Gig and within minutes had introduced the crowd to one of the over-riding features of a Rhino gig; namely that there is no concept of “band-space” vs “punter-space”! Everything is just one glorious melee where both crowd and band hurl themselves into the hypercane of noise and furore that the words “mosh-pit” seem inadequate to explain.

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LMFM and Live&Loud in the Music Press

Ads for the NME

A Selection of the NME & Kerrang Print Ads - Click Image for Slideshow

A selection of the music press ads for magazines such as Kerrang and NME. These were to promote both the generic brand awareness of Live&Loud and as well as promoting the live music community side to both online properties.

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Reviews from 2010

Age of the Dinosaur
Dinosaur Jr @ The O2 Shepherd’s Bush 18.05.10

I think it’s probably been 10 years since I was in a mosh-pit proper. These days myself and the paunchy, greying late-30 something & 40 somethings stand near the sound desk swaying gently, nodding our heads or tapping our feet, perhaps singing the words under our breath. Somehow around the encore of the Dinosaur Jr gig, the young hooligan who had dragged me along (a good 8 years younger than me) had convinced me to join him in the sweaty, roiling mass of committed wreckers. I have to say I quite enjoyed it.

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Better with Viatel

Banner for Viatel's MPLS Campaign

Creative for Viatel's MPLS Campaign - Click for Variants

An integrated print, e-shot and digital advertising campaign for Viatel’s MPLS (Multi Packet Layer Switching) Campaign – focusing on easy set up, faster speeds, better service and more for your money! The printed mailer was an innovative 4-folded piece (see below), and in partnership with the e-shots & banners, took the prospective clients and partners to a Flash-based landing site to sign up for the free offers & free partner workshops.

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iPlayer Tivo Please

BBC iPlayer Services

BBC iPlayer Online Services

iPlayer is great, but really, why am I still having to watch it on my laptop? Why can’t I get it on my TV? Well the good news is that iPlayer _is_ finally going to be available on FreeSat in 2010! Hurrah! Of course Digital Cable services (e.g. Virgin Media) have already been enjoying the iPlayers, not just from the BBC but also 4OD and ITV iPLayer as well, for some time now … I guess we’ll never get it on my current Freeview setup though!

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Cloud-Computing vs Apps

Google Chrome OS

Google's Chrome Operating System

With the introduction of Google Wave, following Google Docs and the Google Apps suite of productivity and collaborative working tools released over the last year, the release of Google Chrome is truly one of the most serious ventures in challenging Microsoft’s dominance of the way 90% of the population use their computers.

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The inevitable demise of Geocities

Original Yahoo-Geocities Co-branded Landing Page

Original Yahoo-Geocities Co-branded Landing Page

Geocities, Geocities, Geocities … so Yahoo have finally announced that they will be ditching the Geocities free web-hosting facility. What do internet veterans feel about this?

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