Feed The Rhino – Wolves At the Door

Feed the Rhino - Tattooed Wolves

Be-Tattooed Wolves of the UK Hardcore Scene

Feed the Rhino headlined the Live&Loud Hardcore Winter Special Gig and within minutes had introduced the crowd to one of the over-riding features of a Rhino gig; namely that there is no concept of “band-space” vs “punter-space”! Everything is just one glorious melee where both crowd and band hurl themselves into the hypercane of noise and furore that the words “mosh-pit” seem inadequate to explain.

No doubt this – and the visceral, feral quality to their brand of hardcore metal – has been the driving force behind the amount of media attention the band have garnered over the recent months; with several features in Kerrang and many mentions over the ether by other metal heavyweight cognescenti (such as Metalhammer).

Even through the maelstrom of tumbling bodies, flailing fists and the wall of sound pumped out by the Rhinos; songs such as “Mr Redeye” (dedicated to all the fuckin’ ugly people !) stood out as the Hardcore Rock anthems they are destined to become. These lads are young, hungry and like be-tattoo-ed wolves baying at the doors of the hardcore scene. They remain exhilirating live and recent support slots with Gallows – as previous Kings of the Wild Frontiers and Anarchy – have no doubt only enhanced their reputation as a must see band in rock & metal circles. And they are genuinely decent down-to-earth lads on a mission to set the UK music scene alight and support both undiscovered venues and lesser known bands. Unlikely Paladins of unsung heroes they might be – but there’s no ignoring these likeable rogues once you’ve seen the energy and passion they put into their live performances.

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