Old Skool is No Fool

Old Skool IA

Hand-drawn wireframes for the major re-architecting of LMFM - Click for full version

Sometimes it’s really refreshing to go ‘undigital’ as it were, and really get back to basics. So, since we are looking at doing a major overhaul of the livemusic.fm IA and user interface, I thought it justified getting out the old A3 flip pad, some markers and a ton of mini Post It notes.

It has been a bit of a mammoth excercise but it meant that after a week I pretty much had the whole site well an truly in my head. So when it came to the next phase of working them through with the rest of the team it was easier to discuss and justify some of the user flows. Inevitably not everything was caught at this stage, despite the copious scribbled notes and Post Its – but it made the actual digital wireframing a lot more fluid.

The livemusic.fm site is scheduled for a major re-launch in late May – early June. Hopefully then I’ll be able to share the fuller extent of the thorough workings of the IA process!

How about sharing?