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Gradu8 Homepage,  Tuesday 28th October 2008

Gradu8 Homepage, Tuesday 28th October 2008

So the week went off without a hitch despite it being the first time that either side (Glass or TJ) had held one of these events. Sure there were a few teething problems with the Chat application on Monday morning – but pretty much from Monday afternoon onwards it was pretty much plain sailing!

Generally the preliminary results were pretty good – the Online Recruitment Fair had roughly 22,000 visitors, of which 4,000 registered. The conversion rate of the registered was around 13% which meant the target of 500+ applications was reached.

Not sure that the tech team felt that it was all plain sailing and there were some late nights and sweaty moments – what with the chat room niggles on the opening day and as usual we’ve had a few last minute panics with videos and versions on a few mornings. But generally we had some interesting and positive feedback from the Graduate punters themselves – the CV Clinic Q&A forum was particularly successful.

Personally I was really mpressed with the AV lads as they managed to turn around all the edits and even get sign off from TJ and clients with time to spare. I had been expecting a lot more problems here, especially as some of the shoots were only finished 2 weeks ago!

Providing the prelimnary numbers are conclusive then it will be full (s)team ahead for the February Fair. Hopefully I will get some time to polish some of the things that I had to let slide this time (inconsistent button sizes and rendering, a bit more finessing of the Seminar Videos, not to mention quality control on some of the Exhibitor/Clinet in-house videos we were sent …. and getting decent quality logos from the companies involved. And definitely no bloody animated GIF versions of the Client logos allowed next time!!)

Designer: Pete Duggan
Flash Players: Euan@Disturb & Rick Lippiett
Information Architecture: Rob Cochran & Lynda Elliot
HTML/CSS: Michal Ordon
PHP Development: Maciek Iwanowski, Vlad Stepan & Rob Cochran
Technical Server Infrastructure: Maciek Iwanowski
Flash Development: Rick Lippiett, Alan Benzie &amp
AV Director: Simon Payne
AV Co-ordinator: Andy Telling
Project management: Bogdan Szychowski
Creative Director: Rick Lippiett

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