Sky Songs Off Air … Who’s Next?

Sky Songs Has Announced it is to Be Shut Down in Feb 2011 ... Who's Next?

BSkyB closed its music-subscription service, Sky Songs, this Monday 6th December – a little more than a year after its high-profile launch.The music-streaming service, similar to the iTunes store, has been “unable to reach a large enough customer base”, the company admitted today.

What does this mean for the other players in the streaming music & subscription space – from the Freemium services to the fully-paid streaming services, through to the download services. And more importantly who’s next?


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Livemusic.fm Release 6

LMFM release 6

Livemusic.fm Release 6 - Click on image for Slideshow

The LMFM site went live earlier this month and is the 6th iteration of the online live music community since it’s inception in March 2007. The site has been thoroughly re-architected both from a user experience point of view – and also from the technical backbone that powers the CMS.

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Livemusic.fm Reviews 2009

Livemusic.fm Music Community Site

Livemusic.fm Music Community Site

A selection of reviews written for livemusic.fm

Rest In the Eye of the Hurricane Hicks and Guest @ Cavendish Arms, 04.03.2009

The intimate Cavendish Arms Ballroom, with it’s almost Baz Luhrmann inspired decor, quickly filled with an expectant audience who’d braved the council-estates towering over the insalubrious south London borough, to enjoy an evening of some unique and undiscovered talents of the singer-songwriter genre.

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A&O Graduate wins its first award

Allen & Overy Graduate Recruitment Website - Click Image for Fullscreen

Well hopefully this will be the first of many – we’ve entered it for a Webby (after getting an Honoree status in 2007) and will prolly enter it for a BIMA later this year. The TARGET graduate awards will also be a stepping stone (again the site as nominated in 2007 but lost out to Clifford Chance). Anyway so far so good – one Graduate award in the bag, The Lawyer HR awards:

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