Release 6

LMFM release 6 Release 6 - Click on image for Slideshow

The LMFM site went live earlier this month and is the 6th iteration of the online live music community since it’s inception in March 2007. The site has been thoroughly re-architected both from a user experience point of view – and also from the technical backbone that powers the CMS.

Migrating from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 the CMS has now a robustness and agility that it previously lacked. Also it has meant that incorporating the myriad of data feeds that supply both the ticketing listings and the background info for the bands themselves, has been seamlessly integrated into the site as well. This integration of 3rd party data has really meant that as well as “style”, release 6 also has plenty of “substance”. In addition the user dashboard has been pretty much re-worked from the ground up and some of the more extemporaneous features removed.

The Flash movies featuring the “2010 Ones to Watch” were put together by Flash Animator Anthony Hibbert and the “Take a Tour of” was patched into the fabric of the site. It’s all looking pretty sweet – but of course the inevitable microscopic-level QA has only just begun!

See below for the rather sumptuous ‘take a Tour’ video (which involved quite a bit of shooting and motion gfx). Voice-over once again by our rather ubiquitous frontman Kitt ‘The Geordie’. The bands featured are Titus Andronicus, HURTS and Surfer Blood. All great bands and were very helpful (and smashed it live!)

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