Quintain Colourways

Quintain Estates New Colourways and Motion Graphics

Quintain Estates New Colourways and Motion Graphics

A new ‘Silver’ colourway has been produced for Quintain, and finally we have managed to get the data-rate under control to deliver the full-blown motion graphics sequence – which was always supposed to be how the site should have launched back in August!

Full credit to Motion GFX guru Simon Payne for spending the long hours producing these sequence and of course Alan Benzie & Pete Duggan for producing the eye-catching designs (with a bit of creative direction thrown in from myself!)

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I was always impressed that Quintain went for such a bold design route and during the design development process we produced a number of colourways – from the original purple ‘velvet’ to a silver ‘ice’ and a warmer yellow ‘sand’. These were largely influenced by the variances in the over-arching brand and some of the different logotypes, idents and colour palettes used offline. Naturally we had to augment these considerably to work online, but the results were quite striking and Quintain went for the bold designs and the motion graphics concepts we put forward.

The motion graphics sequences were also heavily influenced by the full lockups and idents of the main brand (of which there were three variants). We looked to segue a ‘build sequence’ from building developments (both those completed and those only existing as architect’s CGI mock ups) and some of the aspirational qualities of the brand (e.g. creating living spaces rather than developments per se). These were neatly interwoven into expandable flash-headers throughout the site, but the main ‘full-blown’ sequence remained an issue and we had to go with a cut down version for launch. These issues were mainly to do with data rates, which with some clever compression of the FLVs and some equally fancy PHP pre-loading/pseudo-streaming script we got round the issues – so the whole thing functions fairly well without having to be run from an expensive streaming server (unfortunately a consideration these days!)

Hopefully the results speak for themselves and remain eye-catching and differentiate Quintain in the world of corporate and domestic, large scale property development.

Designers: Alan Benzie & Pete Duggan
Information Architect: Andrew ‘Woody’ Wood
Flash Developer: Euan@Disturb
Motion Gfx Director: Simon Payne
AV Assistant: Andrew Telling
HTML/CSS: Vojta Tremcinsky
PHP Developer: Rob Cochran
Producer: Andrew ‘Woody’ Wood
Creative Director: Rick Lippiett

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 digital branding, Video, Web Design