Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor?

Dancefloor - Feed the Rhino

NME Ads February 2011 - Click for Slideshow

Just a quick post of a couple of ads that were printed and went out in February 2011. One a continuation of the LMFM posters (this one art-worked by Pete Duggan, Copywriter Mick , Art Directed yours truly). the song title is Artic Monkeys which carries on from the Sex Pistols reference of the last ad. The second ad was to foster some writers to submit editorial to LMFM. The pun in the ad which is pretty subtle unless you are a music journo or hep-cat is that the picture is of the frontman in FOALS.

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Civil Civic – Hardcore LoFi-NoFi

Civil Civic - 'Lights on a Leash' Single Launch Party @ The Old Blue Last 09.12.10

Civil Civic were one of the most original and exciting new bands that interviewed in the first 6 months and it happened by chance (they were supporting another band who LMFM were keen on interviewing, but as it turned out these guys were far more accommodating and had a unique sound that I felt needed to have another video)

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Sky Songs Off Air … Who’s Next?

Sky Songs Has Announced it is to Be Shut Down in Feb 2011 ... Who's Next?

BSkyB closed its music-subscription service, Sky Songs, this Monday 6th December – a little more than a year after its high-profile launch.The music-streaming service, similar to the iTunes store, has been “unable to reach a large enough customer base”, the company admitted today.

What does this mean for the other players in the streaming music & subscription space – from the Freemium services to the fully-paid streaming services, through to the download services. And more importantly who’s next?


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Feed The Rhino – Wolves At the Door

Feed the Rhino - Tattooed Wolves

Be-Tattooed Wolves of the UK Hardcore Scene

Feed the Rhino headlined the Live&Loud Hardcore Winter Special Gig and within minutes had introduced the crowd to one of the over-riding features of a Rhino gig; namely that there is no concept of “band-space” vs “punter-space”! Everything is just one glorious melee where both crowd and band hurl themselves into the hypercane of noise and furore that the words “mosh-pit” seem inadequate to explain.

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LMFM and Live&Loud in the Music Press

Ads for the NME

A Selection of the NME & Kerrang Print Ads - Click Image for Slideshow

A selection of the music press ads for magazines such as Kerrang and NME. These were to promote both the generic brand awareness of Live&Loud and as well as promoting the live music community side to both online properties.

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Live&Loud Launches … finally

LandL 2010 launches in September 2010 - Click on Image for Slideshow

After what seemed like both a laughably truncated and mercifully short information architecture phase, followed by what seemed like a hugely extended naming and branding phase and then a quick panic-filled design and build phase … Live&Loud finally launched in early September.

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LMFM release 6 Release 6 - Click on image for Slideshow

The LMFM site went live earlier this month and is the 6th iteration of the online live music community since it’s inception in March 2007. The site has been thoroughly re-architected both from a user experience point of view – and also from the technical backbone that powers the CMS.

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LMFM & 2010’s Ones To Watch

Titus Andronicus at the City & Arts Project, Shoreditch May 2010

This summer save a trio of video projects all aimed at delivering some unique live footage and one-off commentary from three up&coming new bands. Indie rockers Titus Andronicus & Surfer Blood and electro-pop prime movers HURTS.

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