Civil Civic – Hardcore LoFi-NoFi

Civil Civic - 'Lights on a Leash' Single Launch Party @ The Old Blue Last 09.12.10

Civil Civic were one of the most original and exciting new bands that interviewed in the first 6 months and it happened by chance (they were supporting another band who LMFM were keen on interviewing, but as it turned out these guys were far more accommodating and had a unique sound that I felt needed to have another video)

Of course budgets are limited at LMFM and I was also looking into the viability of doing a more LoFi Av shoot (make that NoFi) using a Flip HD hand-held video camera. I was interested to see if a “roving reviewer” could literally film the gig, get a mate to film him or her interviewing the band and then edit it together into something watchable in 48hrs. Obviously a bit of a crash course in re-acquainting myself with Final Cut Studio was also necessary … and yep 2 days of chopping it about and getting the sound to synch up ensued.

‘Lights on A Leash’ + Quick Interview

Bonus Track – ‘Run Overdrive’ Full Length Live Version

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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 livemusic, Video