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Camden Smokefree Homepage

Camden Smokefree Homepage

Camden Smokefree is live … it’s taken a while with fixing all the QA issues but for the main part it’s been a very enjoyable project with some very forward-thinking and ambitious clients. There will be more to this campaign in the near future, mostly aimed at the younger 18-24 year old demographic – but for the time being it hits the main 18 – 50 year old fairly varied demographic head on. There’s information and interest for both smokers and non-smokers, and with the apposite inside.outside.everywhere positioning, it neatly breaks down the problems of smoking into: what it does to you, what it does to those around you and finally, the global impact of the smoking industry (which has been recently identified as a new ‘tipping’ point for some of the younger, socially conscious part of the demographic).

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World Mental Health Day

Don't Keep it to Yourself Membership Site

Don't Keep it to Yourself Membership Site

As part of the World Mental Health Day campaign both Berkshire Healthcare sites that I’ve been working on for the last 3 months went live today.

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Wayfinding & Signposting in interface design

Signposts digital image header for teara.govt.nz (after Rosalie Gascoigne)

digital image header for teara.govt.nz - after Rosalie Gascoigne

“You have to lead them by the hand – It’s not the number of clicks, it’s the confidence level that you’re still headed in the right direction”
Steve Krug “Don’t make Me Think – A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability”

Best-practice involves making navigation and interaction as simple and logical as possible for the user. This is neatly summarized by the concept of ‘wayfinding’ – an alternative and more natural approach to what is normally captured under the heading of “Information Architecture”.

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Camden Smokefree

Smokfree "Everywhere" layouts

Smokefree Everywhere layouts

As part of the national SmokeFree campaign, at Glass we’ve been working with Camden NHS to come up with a harder-hitting offering than the currently available site ( which was very much led by the national initiatives guidelines).

We did a lot of work developing the copy and came up with an additional ‘positioning’ statement of inside.outside.everywhere which worked really well with the content. The design layouts are still on brand – but with a much harder edge than the current campaign.

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Gradu8 Launches

Gradu8 Online Recruitment Fair

Gradu8 Online Recruitment Fair - Click Image for Fullscreen

Another Graduate Recruitment site – this time for an online recruitment fair which will be run in the last week of October. Again I pretty much have been involved from concept, through IA and design and right through to development in my role as Creative Director.

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Allen & Overy Graduate Launches

Allen & Overy Recruitment - Click Image for Fullscreen

A&O graduate launched over the weekend. This is the 3rd iteration of the project that I have worked on, and really getting into gear now. The site includes Video Blogs, a full 5 minute Video feature, an integrated Flash Homepage feature (that will also include a video teaser in the near future) and an all-singing-and-dancing EPiServer 5.0 content management system.

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Now I’ve finally got WordPress working I am using the deFusion template. This was far and away the best of the free templates and thanks to Webdemar for the original (and even a few support issues of how to get WordPress working properly!) You can go and download this, and a few other clean, well designed and easily customisable themes at:

Click Image to Download Webdemar Free WordPress Themes

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