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Gradu8 Online Recruitment Fair

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Another Graduate Recruitment site – this time for an online recruitment fair which will be run in the last week of October. Again I pretty much have been involved from concept, through IA and design and right through to development in my role as Creative Director.

At the moment there is just the pre-regitstration site up on the Web – but the final Online Recruitment fair will have a huge amount of online video (the seminars, or ‘webinars’ themselves) and live Q&A chat forums. To be honest I anticipate a white knuckle ride to get everything working – not least that we are still shooting the video segments.

Designer: Pete Duggan
Flash Players: Euan@Disturb & Rick Lippiett
Information Architecture: Rob Cochran & Lynda Elliot
HTML/CSS: Michal Ordon
PHP Development: Maciek Iwanowski, Vlad Stepan & Rob Cochran
Technical Server Infrastructure: Maciek Iwanowski
Flash Development: Rick Lippiett, Alan Benzie &amp
AV Director: Simon Payne
AV Co-ordinator: Andy Telling
Project management: Bogdan Szychowski
Creative Director: Rick Lippiett

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Monday, September 29th, 2008 Video, Web Design