Camden Smokefree Homepage

Camden Smokefree Homepage

Camden Smokefree is live … it’s taken a while with fixing all the QA issues but for the main part it’s been a very enjoyable project with some very forward-thinking and ambitious clients. There will be more to this campaign in the near future, mostly aimed at the younger 18-24 year old demographic – but for the time being it hits the main 18 – 50 year old fairly varied demographic head on. There’s information and interest for both smokers and non-smokers, and with the apposite inside.outside.everywhere positioning, it neatly breaks down the problems of smoking into: what it does to you, what it does to those around you and finally, the global impact of the smoking industry (which has been recently identified as a new ‘tipping’ point for some of the younger, socially conscious part of the demographic).

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