Camden Smokefree

Smokfree "Everywhere" layouts

Smokefree Everywhere layouts

As part of the national SmokeFree campaign, at Glass we’ve been working with Camden NHS to come up with a harder-hitting offering than the currently available site ( which was very much led by the national initiatives guidelines).

We did a lot of work developing the copy and came up with an additional ‘positioning’ statement of inside.outside.everywhere which worked really well with the content. The design layouts are still on brand – but with a much harder edge than the current campaign.

We also shot and edited some great ‘talking head’s pieces by some of the Smokefree staff and service users themselves.

David Talks About his Experience in Giving Up Smoking

David Talks About his Experience in Giving Up Smoking

This is a bit of a sneaky peak but it should be going live this week …

Designer: Alan Benzie
Copywriter: Philip Clarke
AV Director: Simon Payne
AV Assistant: Andrew Telling
Photographer: Debbie Bragg
HTML/CSS: Vojta Tremcinsky
PHP Developer: Rob Cochran
Producer: Chris Garcia
Project Manager: Nick Brauer
Creative Director: Rick Lippiett

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 copywriting, Video, Web Design