New Zealand Inland Revenue

Website Design

2005 - 2006

Brief : NZ Inland Revenue Department's proposed website to educate 15-19 year olds about taxation needed an eye-catching design whilst being credible with NZ youth and yet still fitting into the IRD 'suite' of websites. In addition a new brand identity and name was needed for the proposed website.

Overview : The user research discovered the target audience didn't trust the original name of "WhatZtax" as it made Inland Revenue look like they were trying too hard and it was decided that "What's Tax?" was a better, more descriptive term. Photography for the new website was specially commissioned to allow representation of the ethnic make-up of New Zealand youths (from Maori, Pacific Islander, Asian and European). The photographic imagery was integrated into the website & promotional posters, whilst a new logotype was developed that would appeal to the teen audience. All designs and features were validated in user research sessions with the target audience.

Results : Feedback from the user group and IRD field agents was very positive - something that had not previously been achieved. The brand design has been used on posters, rulers, stickers, folders and mouse mats to promote awareness of 'What's Tax?'