Illy Café

Multimedia Installation

2001 - 2002

Brief : Illy Café in Milan were looking for a way of re-launching their new coffee and its stylish re-designed container in a fresh and innovative way. Razorfish Milan were approached to develop an exhibition and launch party in the fashionable Via Brera district.

Overview : As one of the creatives, myself and the design team developed and designed a series of 'touch-screen' interactive installations. The installations were designed to interact with people both passing in the street, and actually in the gallery itself which was to be the venue for the re-launch.

Four sequences were developed in Flash and Macromedia Director which were played on touch-screen kiosks in the windows, whilst 3 more interactive 'touch screen' games were developed for inside the gallery. These high-end Director movies combined video, audio and even changes to the ambient lighting in the windows when users interacted with them.

Results : The launch party was filmed by italian broadcaster RAI Uno and the innovative concept was made a reality and launched in March 2001. As well as the interactive kiosks, coffees were served to the browsing public by roller-skating waiters and waitresses and many coffee-themed Pop-art pieces were displayed in the gallery itself.

Demos & Screens