EA Skate

Creative Development

2007 - 2008

Brief : To develop branding, layouts and creative concepts for a community site centred around the launch of EA Game's new PS3 skateboarding game 'EA Skate'. In addition the site (and game itself) was to popularise and promote the advent of 'street-skating'. Central to this concept was a series of 'real' events around the UK, creating 'Street-skating' furniture and 'urban areas' at a number of Festivals and gatherings throughout Europe in 2007.

Overview : The creative concept provided users with ability to upload and edit video of their skate-boarding 'tricks' - adding approved EA Skate music tracks in the process. These video segments could be either 'real' skate-boarding moments or using the new 'camera' feature from the EA Skate game - thus 'filming' exclusive 'in-game rides' and saving them out direct to the site from the console. In addition users could post 'secret skate spots' around the UK & Europe via a Google-maps "mash-up" - and share tips and secrets about both the game and 'real' street-skating.

Results : In the end budgetary constraints in the European regions meant the project never got beyond concept and a far more low-key launch was implemented on the EA European site (rather than have a bespoke property for EA Skate) The events were also similarly cancelled due to budgetary constraints, although a Skate Wagon was eventually deployed at Glastonbury Festival in the UK.