Creative Development & Design

2010 - 2011

Live & Loud

Brief : To develop a band services platform to enable 1000s of up-and-coming bands to book 100s of small to medium venues across the UK and thus play more live gigs and build their fan bases.

Overview : As the recession bit deeply and affected pub sales revenues it was felt that one way to restore both footfall and sales was to put on more live music. This fact, coupled with the very real problem for bands finding a platform to perform, resulted in a model that allowed bands to sign up to an online 'gigging community' and book gigs both locally and once they had achieved a certain status, nationally. This required developing the online community, complete with booking engine and a payment generation system (based on a profit-share from the gig). Additionally the brand, design layouts, marketing and social media strategy also had to be executed from scratch.

Results : Over 3000 bands have registered with Live&Loud and there have been a number of weekly gigs since October 2010 at a number of venues up and down the country. There have also been several special showcase events attended by music industry moghuls - including the Brighton Great Escape festival in May 2011. Over 100 venues have been set up so far and recently Student Union venues have been brought into the fold - with the first larger scale gigs being executed during freshers in early autumn 2011 as part of the SU Tour.

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