Totaljobs Gradu8

Creative Development & Website Development

2008 - 2010

Brief : To create an online recruitment fair that offered the same kind of experience you get when going to a recruitment event in the real world, only with the flexibility to visit when you want, from wherever you are and from the comfort of your own home (or favourite internet cafe).

Overview : Crucial to the success of the site was making the event attractive to recruiters. We shot, edited and featured a series of videos for some of the UK’s top businesse (such as Sainsburys, IBM & PWC), and as the event was over a specific time period in November & February, we used these videos to headline each day of the week.

Job seekers were invited to browse the site and watch the videos introducing the participating businesses. As many of the seminars ran at different times of the day the job seekers were able to book seminars into their event diary, to remind them when to attend ‘real-time’ chat sessions with the recruiters and industry experts.

Results : The event was a great success and has run November each year from 2008 - 2010. Although not everybody is comfortable entering a live-chat environment the videos are widely watched, with many people visiting the site after 6pm, a result which clearly shows that events like this benefit greatly by having flexible opening hours.