BBC Interactive

Video & Motion Graphics

2002 - 2004

BBCi Interactive Promos

Brief : To script & shoot a set of promotional trails to advertise BBCi's Digital interactive TV services (also known as 'Red Button' services) and BBCi Online Web-based Services

Overview : Scripts were developed to explain the simplicity of the BBCi Digital TV services ( accessed by 'Pressing Red') and also promote some of the lesser known features and benefits of BBCi Website to the general BBC audience - BBCi News services, the BBCi digital online radio player (the forerunner of the iPlayer), and BBCi online learning services.

Results : The end promos were shown on junction spaces on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Three as well as delivered over the web and in Interactive TV loops. The 'Control Freak - Press Red' trails were delivered as part of the 'Jensen Button' campaign which focused on BBCi digital TV services, whereas the online BBCi promos were part of a generic BBCi Web Services awareness campaign in late 2003 - early 2004.


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