Avis Greener World

Website Design

2009 - 2010

Brief : To develop design templates to be rolled out across Avis's CSR and eco-friendly 'Greener World' digital properties

Overview : Avis needed to have presence in the Corporate Social Responsibility space and thus launched the 'Greener World' campaign with some help from the UK based agency, The Carbon Trust. The project was to design a digital property that reflected green values and was more 'fun' than the traditional Avis brand, whilst still adhering to the general, wider brand properties.

Results : After many discussions a predominantly green colourway was adopted for the design (despite the usual brand colour of Avis being a vibrant red) and some quirky, friendly, illustrated imagery used to distance the CSR site from the more functional, day-to-day websites that used fairly standard photography of cars. The site launched in the Summer of 2010 and has been well-received in general.