Creative Development & Design

2007 - 2011

Brief : To build a music community around discovering new exciting bands and going to gigs.

Overview : was founded by music industry heavy-weights to provide a platform for up-and-coming bands. No single provider could claim ownership of the live music space online & the venture has since developed to embrace a live music based community and an e-commerce gig ticketing service. The site encourages fans to follow bands & write reviews of gigs; while the editorial content is biased towards bands who all have one thing in common - they are ALL fantastic live performers! Early promotional campaigns acquired a base of 10,000+ fans (eg. giving away a pair of tickets to the legendary O2 Led Zeppelin gig). As the service developed, online ticketing and gig listings were incorporated, as well as putting on showcase brand events. As such the involvement has extended far beyond the traditional remit of creative services, and has encompassed elements of digital and offline strategy, social media strategy, marketing strategy and execution and audience research - as well as putting on live music events (such as the Miles Kane showcase gig and the SU Tour in 2011).

Results : Traffic is around 120,000 fans per month, with further active audiences on YouTube (LMFM.TV), Twitter and Facebook. The site earns significant revenue via ticket sales and re-seller commission.

Videos & Screens