BBC Three

Flash & Motion Graphics

2002 - 2003

Brief : In early 2003 the BBC was launching a new youth digital channel aimed at 18-35 year olds - BBC Three. The brand idents included the award-winning Aardman animated 'Blobs' and it was decided that these would take on the BBC Three brand personality for all the online offerings.

Overview : From the BBC Three main website, Blob based Flash games, Blob Screensavers and Blob Movies were offered to BBC online users. Users were also invited to download the 'BlobMate'. BlobMate was an interactive desktop buddy that included the three Blob Flash games and alerted users to upcoming BBC Three programming on a daily basis, as well as generally causing a nuisance and appearing on screen to make rude/strange noises (when activated by the user!). Flash games were all based on classic retro-arcade games, but executed using the Blobs as the hero character and had input from the Aardman lead-animator Stefan Marjoram.

Results : Over 100,000 people downloaded the BlobMate, BlobMovies, BlobScreensaver or played the BlobGames in the first month of launch. The Blobs were a central part of the online branding and personality of BBC Three until the entire channel was re-branded in the Spring of 2008.

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