BBC Four

Flash & Motion Graphics

2002 - 2003

Brief : As part of the integrated launch campaign for a new cultural digital channel, BBC Four, this interactive screensaver was developed around the campaign's central theme of "Everybody Needs a Place to Think". The next year a follow-up creative campaign was needed that would attract a wider audience and motivate users to explore the full breadth of BBC Four's award winning programming.

Overview : It was decided to create the building blocks for a digital ambient personal desktop 'place to think'. Using bespoke Director Lingo and the visual capabilities of Director MX, the "Virtual Place to Think" also used specially commissioned music to enhance its ambient nature.

For the follow-up campaign an anthropomorphic robot character 'Seemore' was created which led users around a computer game-type environment exploring a range of BBC Four programming. The slightly surreal game was developed for use during the 'How Far Would You Go For Inspiration' campaign and incorporated live XML feeds allowing programme info to be updated on the fly.

Results : Over 250,000 people downloaded the shockwave screensaver in 2002 and it was nominated for a BIMA in the Arts & Culture category. Over 30,000 users 'Explored with Seemore' over the campaign in 2003.

Shockwave & Flash

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