Camden NHS

Website Design & Creative Development

2008 - 2009

Brief : Camden PCT NHS required branding, layouts and creative concepts to be developed for both Camden Provider Services and Camden SmokeFree. A visual identity was needed for Provider Services (within the context of the NHS), and a creative 'positioning' was needed for Camden Smokefree which, while adhering to National Smokefree brand guidelines, set the Camden offering apart.

Overview : Moving the NHS towards more contemporary digital design values, usability, and a more online savvy audience was at the heart of both the solutions. The sites also needed to convey a sense of 'real people' - for Provider Services this was in the form of commissioned, specifically art-directed photography; while additional targeted messaging and hard-hitting AV content was shot for the SmokeFree website.

For Smokefree, the creative concept of inside.outside.everywhere was created which allowed the positioning of all the content under these broad headings – from AV, to factual and informational.

Results :The Camden SmokeFree site was launched in early October 2008, whilst the Camden PCT site was launched in April 2008. Both sites have been well received by trustees and public alike and are linked below.

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