Quintain Estates

Website Design

2008 - 2009

Brief : To design and execute a website for the new re-branded Quintain estates and produce a series of motion graphics clips which would promote 3 key developments in and around London.

Overview : Initially an e-branding exercise was undertaken to produce a digital branding book as much of the imagery, palettes and ident variants needed some thought to work consistently in a digital environment.

Subsequently designs were developed which echoed the richness and quirkiness of the new brand, using rich saturated palettes, colour gradients, layer accents and a whole host of elegant flourishes to bring the brand alive online. A variety of multimedia footage featuring the Quintain key developments was embedded directly into the pages themselves - and thus a seamless experience for the user.

Results : The site was launched in August 2008 and has been well-received by both internal staff and shareholders. The property developments in Greenwich, Wembley and the Midlands continue apace ...