Nokia BlackBox

Flash & Multimedia


Brief : The brief was to produce an award winning, interactive online game featuring the Nokia 500 Personal Navigation Device - Nokia's entry into the Sat Nav market. The video feature was to be intriguing and extensive - and would be influenced by the film-noir genre and more modern über-cool influences such as Rian Johnson's "Brick".

Overview : A treatment for the video feature was scripted by Hyper, and a high quality film was scheduled to be shot in Hungary. Whilst in Hungary, additional material was developed by the digital team for inclusion into the end feature. The film was subsequently edited together into 4 sections for the Flash interactive movie - from which the user was required to gather clues throughout each section to enter co-ordinates into the PND to reach the next section - and ultimately the conclusion and dénouement of the feature. The game also featured a 3D Product demo, a competition and 'Easter Eggs' hidden throughout the feature. The campaign work also included a digital marketing strategy, devising a competition mechanic, development of intro sequences and a teaser video for an online 'seeding' strategy, and narrative storyboarding of the extra material.

Results : The main campaign and competition ran from March 2008 - September 2008 and was well received in all 7 European countries for which localized versions were developed.

Video & Screens