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Age of the Dinosaur
Dinosaur Jr @ The O2 Shepherd’s Bush 18.05.10

I think it’s probably been 10 years since I was in a mosh-pit proper. These days myself and the paunchy, greying late-30 something & 40 somethings stand near the sound desk swaying gently, nodding our heads or tapping our feet, perhaps singing the words under our breath. Somehow around the encore of the Dinosaur Jr gig, the young hooligan who had dragged me along (a good 8 years younger than me) had convinced me to join him in the sweaty, roiling mass of committed wreckers. I have to say I quite enjoyed it.

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Old Skool is No Fool

Old Skool IA

Hand-drawn wireframes for the major re-architecting of LMFM - Click for full version

Sometimes it’s really refreshing to go ‘undigital’ as it were, and really get back to basics. So, since we are looking at doing a major overhaul of the IA and user interface, I thought it justified getting out the old A3 flip pad, some markers and a ton of mini Post It notes.

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Freebooters, Nostalgics, Renaissants & Media Urchins

Napsters Streaming Music Service

Napster's Streaming Music Service

Sky Songs – a new music service, in beta naturally, which offers a streaming service similar to Spotify for a little over 6 quid a month, has over 4m tracks AND you get to download 15 tracks to keep. Now that seems like the perfect model – a decent balance of streaming everything, a reasonable monthly charge AND you get a few favourites to keep. So why has Spotify cornered the market as the “plat du jour” of the streaming music services? How did it manage to get the drop on and since its adoption of a download costing model (all neatly synched with partner 7Digital) … will it really start being a threat to iTunes music store?

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Livemusic Reviews 2008 Music Community Site Music Community Site

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Long Live Long Insiders – But Don’t Give the Dog a Bone
February, 2008

The Long Insiders played a rawer, raucous loud set at Turnmills. Sarah Dodd’s sultry honey vocals were spiked with an unfamiliar untamed edge; while Nick Kenny’s surf guitar cranked up to create an atmospheric wall of sound. The later numbers of the set such as “All the Tears…” were delivered with an energy and passion, which while engaging, was bordering on the manic at times. I have to confess I felt the vocalist had to fight a bit with the tsunami of reverb by that point!

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Livemusic Reviews 2006 – 2007 music community music community

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Tom Baxter @ the Amadeus September 2006

This has got to be one of the strangest gigs I’ve ever been to … I’d ‘discovered’ Tom Baxter while I’d been living in New Zealand and found it highly ironic that he was brought to my attention while living 12,000 miles away from my old haunts in Balham (namely the Bedford Arms that had been my local when I lived in South London and where Tom Baxter cut his teeth …) Strange that – when you get to know and like an artist in another hemisphere , but you managed to miss them when you lived round the corner!

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