The Great Escape

Great Escape May 2011

The Great Escape 2011 - Live&Loud Stage

Saturday May 14th 2011 @ The Pav Tav, Brighton … After several weeks of back and forth and furious line-up planning, promoting, working the social media channels (alright mostly Facebook) sorting out a road crew and an AV crew, tussling with the crew over being able to shoot at the venue and a plethora of other issues … the Great Escape Live&Loud stage kicked off! 11 Live bands in just over 12hours – it was an experience. And it has to be said largely a good one!

The 11 bands all performed admirably and really kept the stage alive all through the afternoon and the early evening until the headliners Attack! Attack! took to the stage at 10pm. For many, this was the highlight, but we had one more band up our sleeves when Young Empires – an electro pop band from Canada – rocked the joint to it’s very foundations! Other notable performances came from the High Jinks, Max Raptor and Sons & Lovers. A good mix of genres with a slight leaning to the indie rock guitar-led bands! Anyway the best way to pick up on the energy and experience of the day out on the South Coast is to watch the video below …

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  • Rick

    Rock n roll indeed. It was a great day with some fantastic live performances. Max Raptor took it on the day – closely followed by attack! Attack! & Young Empires …