Pinball Karma T-Shirt

Two Pinball Karma Designs

Two Pinball Karma Designs

Looks like I’m going to get myself embroiled in the dubious world of the House of Thieves, and thus the dark, wicked, gothic artwork that is the preserve of the Pavey Prince of Thieves himself – Pete ‘Dirty’ Duggan.

If you haven’t been to House of Thieves yet – then get thyself there forthwith!

Hopefully in the very near future ‘Pinball Karma’ will be released as a limited edition run of 25 or so.
It’ll look something on the lines of the above!

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Monday, September 29th, 2008 Fashion
  • dom

    nice one dude – I’ll take a couple!

  • Pikey Pete

    Yeah baby..thats what i’m talkin’ about