Narrative Development & Online Feature

2006 - 2008

Brief : A concept for an online 'Advertainment' feature centred around cooking and the advent of both reality TV and the culture of the Celebrity Chef.

Overview : The concept was to have a 'Grand chef' present a challenge each week to online food enthusiasts - and thereby encourage the users to upload clips of themselves cooking. Other users could vote and comment on style & recipes - thus creating a winner each month. The 'masterchef' would invite monthly winners to join them in filming in a variety of kitchens, and also a 'Grand Finale'. All segments would be delivered first online, with a view to broadcasting the grand finale as a simulcast on a digital TV channel.

Results : Preliminary discussions were held with celebrity chef Tom Aikens, however in the end other priorities took place (as he opened a second restaurant) and the project was shelved.



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