Shift Magazine

Print Design

2004 - 2006

Overview: To develop a promotional concept to stimulate conversation and discussion within Shift New Zealand's client base. The fold-out poster/magazines included articles on the latest digital projects executed by Shift, opinions on technologies and other digital industry trends, and some editorial on general industry topics - such as digital branding, information architecture and user experience design.

The layouts were drawn up as two-sided broadsheet which featured articles on one side, and a poster on the other - for example the second issue featured a poster outlining User Research and Experience Design techniques for World Usability Day.

The magazines were printed on off-set litho presses and folded into a unique 10" SQUARE format so that they would stand out on clients desks and in-trays. Designs were contemporary, urban and influenced by the latest digital work being produced by Shift. The magazines were sent out to a core client base of over 1200 contacts in New Zealand and Australia.