Photographic Work



A brief selection of the photographic work undertaken and developed over the last 15+ years. This has included several exhibitions and commissions and has included shoots for CD sleeves, book-jackets, and also work for theatre design - which has on occasion, include posters and programmes.

Portraiture and landscapes remain an abiding photographic interest - particularly using older non-digital equipment (such as a Leica M6, Voigtlander Bessa-R, and medium-format Rolleiflex's and Hasselbads) and also using old-school black and white film. Knowledge and expertise in photographic printing techniques has also been enormously useful and most of the black and white work has been hand-printed.

Hand-printing has enabled further experimentation using toners and solarising agents and thus given some of the photographic work an almost illustrated look & feel which is both unique and excitingly different.