The 5th Street

Storyboarding & Illustration

2006 - 2008

Brief : To develop an online 'advertainment' feature centered around Texas Hold 'Em Poker with a strong narrative hook and in-depth features from the World Series of Online Poker.

Overview : The creative focus of this concept was to provide forums for users to share experiences of Texas Hold 'Em Poker, as well as broadcasting a loose, episodic narrative centred around one of the enigmatic 'Poker Stars' each week.

The narrative would have been very stylised and a mix of ultra-cool dialogue and visuals (e.g. Sin City, RocknRolla etc) Users would also be able to play online and share hints & tips about playing Texas Poker. The name "5th Street" itself comes from a term in Texas Hold 'Em Poker when the player takes the 5th and final card from the dealer.

Results : This project is currently still under development. A short promo video piece was made for the initial presentation to investors and the whole project is currently looking for further funding in Europe (and specifically the French market). The demo intro trailer can be viewed below.

Screens & Video

5thStreet 5thStreet