Glass Boutique

Fashion Enterprise

2006 - 2009

Brief : Glass Boutique was a start-up venture designed to sell cutting-edge Scandinavian designed high fashion clothing and accessories to a predominantly male 18 - 35 ABC1, digital savvy, audience.

Overview : The branded stationery, website design and concept, flash programming and information architecture were all developed in a very short period over 3 months from June to September 2006. The result was a fully-working OS Commerce site which sells cutting-edge Scandinavian designed high fashion.

Results : Glass Boutique has developed into a viable online business - some of the brands introduced to the UK by the Boutique are now appearing in Whistles, Selfridges and Urban Outfitters. A loyal online audience generates significant online revenue and was acquired from scratch with SEO and aligning to fashion and T-shirt design blogs such as

The annual Summer T-Shirt Competition provides design input and a 'buzz' that helps launch new T-shirt brands and designs, while ├╝ber-cool Scandinavian, English and Japanese brands provide jeans, shoes, jackets & coats, knitwear and general accessories such as bags and shoes.

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